I started in the business in the late nineties and back then it had always meant a lot of travelling to external studios for work. As a matter of fact, this is still very much the case. However since the mid-2000s, the home recording movement has steadily increased in popularity - albeit, very often it does have a reputation of being 'ahem' of a certain standard. So even though travelling to professional studios is still a common way to work, there are just those clients or situations where an own recording solution is very convenient; such as when a customer is based on another continent, or if a job has an immediate deadline.

The Maddern VO studio was built in 2012, and the whole recording chain from hardware, cables and software are of a high-end level. The purpose built recording booth has a floating floor, double layered walls and triple glass door, and conforms to the ISO 717-1 standard for frequency ranges. Live sessions can also be conducted using Source Connect, ISDN and Skype. Over the years many productions have been recorded including documentaries, TV commercials and industry movies. The two clips below were recorded here.

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